Gerald Mwangi

Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Business Leader
The HVAC systems are transforming lives, and this is just a beginning. This mission will always be a part of his life.
-Gerald Mwangi

Who Is Gerald Mwangi?

I play either Racquetball or Football in my spare time, and to recuperate from the long day of work I take sanctuary in the world of Jazz.
Gerald Mwangi

Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, CEO

American businessman Gerald Mwangi is the president of a mechanical contracting firm. Born in Nyeri, Kenya, Mr. Gerald earned BSc in Construction Engineering Management from East Carolina University Greenville, North Carolina, United States.

The love for his roots is colossal, and Gerald who works with numerous nonprofit organizations says that the value gained from a humble upbringing can never be analyzed. . After graduating in 1999, Gerald started his career at CompUSA as a project manager for HVAC Mechanical Building Construction Division, where he later became the vice president. A natural-born leader, Gerald had an early love for machines, and now with good years of experience, he is considered an expert in the field of mechanical systems.

Having moved on from CompUSA in 2006, Gerald joined Platinum Intermedia, followed by a mechanical contracting firm in 2009, where he is now serving as the president. With a membership in Mechanical Contractors Association, ASHRAE, InsideIQ, Gerald says that he got access to the best platform for voicing out his ideas and concerns about the future technology.

Emphasizing on the standard of living, Gerald explains that the need to invent something new has made him more optimistic and resourceful.